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53-13EL 12V Staple/Nail Gun, H12-12 12V Hot Melt Glue Gun, Interchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery, 10 Glue Sticks and Storage Bag

  • SEMI-PROFESSIONAL 12V TOOLS – Cordless, 12V staple/brad nail gun, a 12V hot melt glue gun and an interchangeable 12V battery, supplied with 10 glue sticks and a neoprene storage bag, suitable for semi-professional and DIY tasks
  • 12V STAPLE/NAIL GUN – 0.9kg ergonomic design featuring a contact trip (bump firing) trigger, safety contact tip, LED work light, staple/nail viewing window, handy belt hook and safety on/off switch for enhanced ease of use and safety
  • 12V GLUE GUN – 0.46kg ergonomic free-standing design featuring 60 seconds heat time, heat-resistant body, LED work light and contoured trigger to provide comfort and convenience for long periods of use
  • BATTERY – Interchangeable with other Tacwise 12V tools, the rechargeable quick-release 12V lithium-ion technology offers a 3-5 hour charging time with a charging cable that plugs directly into the battery without the need for a charging dock
  • COMPATIBILITY – The staple/nail gun fires 140 x type 53 & 13 / 6 – 12 mm staples or 85 x 180 (18G) / 10 mm brad nails, whilst the glue gun makes use of the Tacwise 12mm Type H glue sticks; we strongly recommend using Tacwise consumables for a smooth, uninterrupted performance
  • MAXIMISED PERFORMANCE – Staple/brad nail gun with 30 staples or nails per minute firing speed, 3000 shots per charge and a glue gun that melts 6 x 150mm glue sticks per minute and up to 8 x 150mm or 4 x 300mm glue sticks per charge
Magazine CapacityNails: 85; Staples: 140
Fasteners length (mm)Nails: 10mm; Staples: 6-12mm
Min. firing distance from wall15mm
  • Air vents
  • Belt hook
  • Bottom loading magazine
  • Impact resistant body
  • LED work light
  • Metal magazine
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Safety contact nose
  • Safety on/off switch
  • Single shot trigger
  • Staple/nail viewing window
  • Wide ergonomic grip